• New business development. Ground up scalable consulting for anyone looking to enter the obstacle course racing industry.
  • Resorts, Municipalities, Private Facilities, Venues, Production and Event Companies.
  • Indoor and outdoor permanent and or hybrid obstacle courses and training facilities.
  • Resort and Gym conversions, Ninja Training Gyms, Special Events and more.


Due to the explosive popularity of obstacle racing, mud runs and American Ninja Warrior there has been a need for specialists in both indoor and outdoor facilities. In addition to full facility layouts, designs, and consulting, Todd offers the marketing and operational knowledge required to make safe, scalable, unique and cost efficient events.

Todd offers a myriad of consulting services ranging from feasibility analysis, obstacle course design, brand strategy, event design, marketing, sponsorships, event management, safety inspections, risk management, expert testimony and more.

Todd's unique modular component designs easily allow for iterations or relocation using simple building materials such as wood, logs, truss, scaffolding depending on the client’s branding needs and budget.

If you are planning to repurpose an existing facility or planning on launching a full scale obstacle course series, we can help you out. We provide 3D presentations and photorealistic renderings along with aerial content for our projects. In the case of outdoor obstacle courses we provide a package that not only can be used for zoning approvals and investor presentations, but marketing of what is to come. Detailed build documents are generated for the construction of all obstacles. This Includes layout, design, safety, flow, accuracy, and materials.

When creating a new obstacle course, it can never simply be designed on a flat piece of paper. It is a multi-dimensional design, requiring perspective, depth, height and dimension. More importantly perhaps, because an obstacle course is a living, breathing collection of apparatus and terrain that needs to be injected with a little life and soul - and a heartbeat..

Always thinking outside of the box and pushing his designs to the next level, Todd is constantly looking for ways to improve on his existing ideas. But even more than that, he is always looking for way to reinvent the expected and steer clear of the norm. All of Todd's designs take into account the expectations of the client, the wishes that they have and the functionality that they require.

With the focus on creating a groundbreaking style, every design is not so much about just building an obstacle course, as it is about creating a complete adventure experience in 3D.

For hotels, resorts, eco-tourism and conferencing businesses, to name but a few, a permanent obstacle course in lieu of underused tennis courts and other outdated facilities, a conversion is not only a very affordable build solution, it offers all of the advantages of the popularity of OCR.